Top Highlights of 2018


2018 has been one of the best years ever in business. Our motto was “moving Diversity from numbers to action.”

1.         I graduated from the Initiative Foundation’s Initiators Fellowship

The two year-program provided me with the opportunity to use my entrepreneurial spirit to create Filsan Talent Partners, build my leadership capacity, expand my professional network, help employers train, attract, and retain employees with diverse background and bridge the cultural gap

2.         We spoke to and trained over 5,000 leadership teams, and their employees

Filsan team provided customized on-the-job diversity, inclusion and cultural training sessions for HRs, management teams, supervisors and CEOs of large and small companies

3.         We trained overseas company leadership teams

Filsan team also trained overseas companies’ top management teams

4.         We volunteered and held community gathering events

Those events aimed to build a better relationship and understanding between Muslim communities and the host community

5.         We donated books to schools and libraries

Our company motto is “knowledge is Power”- we donated “From Somalia to Snow” so that people would be able to better understand their new Americans’ experiences, challenges and opportunities

6.         We partnered with our local companies

With employee shortages in Minnesota, research shows that by 2035 one in four of the state’s residents will be a racial minority. This is why Filsan Talent Partners will help companies win the war on talent

7.         We hired new staff

To expand our impact in the region, we hired professional, ambitious and innovative staff to help us get the next level of excellence

8.         We had an intern

To get the hands-on experience, our company prioritize hiring interns because internships helps students gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while gaining connections and networks in the business community

9.         We conducted need assessment research

10.       Filsan featured in

a)         Minnesota Business Magazine

b)         Twin Cities Magazine

11.       We received an award

In recognition of her leadership, the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce awarded our CEO for her volunteering leadership

12.       We changed our name from Filsan Consultant to Filsan Talent Partners

Filsan team is wishing you Happy New Year of 2019